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Peace and tranquillity in Phuket

Sunshine Slimming

Herbal Foot Bath / Aromatic Steam or Sauna / Detoxifying Body Mask / Slimming Massage
A unique body workout, this treatment will help renew your skin and combat any uneven or dry appearance. Whilst performing a total body firming process focusing on your hips, thighs and stomach, our slimming massage helps redefine fat tissue, stimulate blood circulation and contour your body. Time to harvest a perfect figure.

150 mins.    :    3,700.- Baht

After Sunset

Herbal Foot Bath / Cold Compress / Aloe Vera Lavender Sun Soothing Mask / After Sun Cover
Beneficial for sunburn with fresh aloe vera extract that relieves pain and starts the healing process; it is an excellent treatment for skin repair and cellular rejuvenation, which concludes with an application of body lotion.

140 mins.    :    3,000.- Baht

Cape Panwa Blossoming Spa

Herbal Foot Bath / Choice of Body Scrub / Aromatic Body Massage / Warm Herbal Compress
Take care of your senses with this hour-long aromatherapy body massage that utilises the scent of tropical flowers, helping to improve blood circulation and energy flow. While a warm herbal compress encourages the pace of sluggish blood flow. An ideal way to relax sore muscles, liberate your mind and rebalance your senses.

120 mins.    :    3,700.- Baht

Exotic Andaman

Herbal Foot Bath / Aromatic Steam or Sauna / Choice of Body Scrub / Fresh Mud Wrap / Aromatic Body Massage
A blend of natural ingredients and spa techniques are used to exfoliate the skin while contouring and firming your body. Finish off with a wonderful massage for total muscle-tension relief. Taste the flavour of cherishing with Cape Spa’s well-being wisdom.

150 mins.    :    3,200.- Baht

Blue Marine

Herbal Foot Bath / Classic Thai Steam or Sauna / Choice of Body Scrub /Milky Jacuzzi Bath / Aromatic Body Massage
Experience the ancient healing power of the Classical Thai Steam or Sauna, followed by a gentle body scrub, a la carte, then milky bath to restore the body’s natural balance and radiance and finish off with an aromatherapy massage.

150 mins.    :    3,200.- Baht