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Black Sesame Scrub For Mature / Dry Skin

A moisturizing scrub where sesame seeds gently exfoliate, while the oil from these crushed seeds moisturize and heal the skin. Ideal for creating smooth and firm skin.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht

Coconut Scrub For Dry / Normal Skin

Using fresh coconut and mixed Thai herbs this body scrub stimulates your senses as well as leaves you refreshed with smooth skin and improved blood circulation.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht

Marine Salt Scrub For Dry / Normal Skin

Your skin needs to maintain its moisture balance in order to perform important functions. This treatment is essential for people with dry skin who want it to be suppler, cleaner, smoother and softer.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht

Jasmine Scrub For Normal Skin

Walnut scrub granules effectively clear away old skin cells while stimulating circulation. Aloe vera extract adds softness and moisture while protecting against irritation. The fresh and sweet fragrance of jasmine oil creates a joyful experience.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht

Tamarind Scrub For Oily / Normal Skin

Aiming for a healthy glow? This exfoliating body treatment uses tamarind with mild AHA to remove ashen dead skin while invigorating your blood circulation for a brighter skin.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht

Mangosteen Scrub For Oily / Normal Skin

Mangosteen is dense with flavonoids, an anti-oxidant agent which helps combat aging, and tannins, an anti-bacteria agent that helps improve skin texture and thoroughly clean pores. The mangosteen shell scrub works to remove dead cells, balance the skin and control oiliness.

60 mins.    :    1,400.- Baht