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Peace and tranquillity in Hua Hin

Siamese Touch

Aroma Foot Soak/Siamese Massage
The Fountain of Energy, this applied Thai traditional massage aims at providing you with the highest levels of relaxation. Using Yoga stretches and pressure point massage techniques, we will help stimulate your blood circulation, relieve tension and help you balance your body, mind and soul, allowing you to achieve inner peace

45 mins.    :       800.- Baht
60 mins.    :    1,000.- Baht
90 mins.    :    1,600.- Baht

Full Moon Anti-Stress

Aroma Foot Soak / Head, Shoulder And Back Massage / Warm Herbal Compress
An intensive approach designed to speedily rejuvenate your tense muscles and relieve back pain and headaches after a long, stressful day. This massage therapy concentrates on your head and shoulders and is a perfect path back to the peaceful spirit of summer.

70 mins.    :    1,600.- Baht

Traditional Thai Compress

Aroma Foot Soak/ Siamese Massage/ Warm Herbal Compress
The ancient healing powers of traditional and organically homegrown herbs work well with this Siamese delicate massage. A perfect way to increase lymphatic drainage for a rejuvenating and relaxing effect.

100 mins.    :    1,800.- Baht

Oceanic Aroma

Aroma Foot Soak/ Steam/Aromatherapy Body Massage
Blending well with Cape Nidhra’s passion for Nature, this oil massage is supremely relaxing and helps enhance vitality and firmness whilst invigorating your whole body. Combined with an aromatic steam bath, this treatment will bring you back into synchronization with Mother Nature

60 mins.    :    1,800.- Baht