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Peace and tranquillity in Koh Samui

Samui Coconut Scrub

Using fresh coconut and Samui mixed Thai herbs, this body scrub will stimulate your senses as well as leaving you refreshed with smooth skin and improved blood circulation.

60 mins.    :    1,800++ Baht

Mangosteen Scrub

Mangosteen is dense with flavonoids, an antioxidant agent which helps to combat aging, and tannins, an anti-bacterial agent that helps to improve skin texture and thoroughly clean pores. The mangosteen shell scrub works to remove dead cells, balance the skin and control oiliness.

60 mins.    :    1,500++ Baht

Rice Bran Scrub

Rice bran oil is known for its nourishing and natural antioxidant properties. The rice bran scrub gently exfoliates the body, creating supple and silky skin.

60 mins.    :    1,500++ Baht

Tamarind Scrub

If you are aiming for a healthy glow, this exfoliating body treatment uses Tamarind, which contains mild AHA, to remove dead and dull skin cells while invigorating blood circulation for radiant skin.

60 mins.    :    1,500++ Baht

Aroma Salt Scrub Relax Lavender

Combined with the natural ingredients of rice bran oil, sesame oil and lavender & tea tree oil that are known for their nourishing properties with high vitamin E and anti-free radicals, this balances bodily functions and emotions.

60 mins.    :    1,600++ Baht