Facial Treatment

Whitening Facial For Normal And Oily Skin
1 Hr.
Reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage for an even more vibrant complexion. This special whitening treatment prepares the skin by cleansing, exfoliating and toning prior to the application of a whitening peel-off mask to correct sun damage and hyper pigmentation
Rejuvenating FacialFor Anti-Aging Skin
1 hr
2,200 ++baht
Capture the natural look of youth with this rejuvenating facial. Its collagen regenerative benefits, vitality replenishing and detoxifying steps will bring life back to your skin, leaving fresh supple and deeply nourished skin. Facial line is refined and toxins are drained with the lymphatic massage technique and herbal nutrients from warm Sesame Face Compress Regular treatment will ensure a young and healthy radiance. This is the ultimate treatment for all skin types.
Rehydrating Facial For Dry Skin
1 hr
2,200++ baht
An intensive hydrating facial designed to restore skin texture from day-to-day damage and pollutants from the environment. Specially formulated moisture retention mask minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and feeds thirsty skin. This is the perfect treatment for normal and parches dry skin or sun burned.
Elixir of Caviar Peel Off Mask
1 hr
2,700++ baht
This rejuvenating mineral rich caviar peel off mask provides effective deep pore cleansing and impurities removing, while revitalizing and deeply moisturizing the skin. Caviar has a structure similar to human skin cell. It is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamin B, iron and zinc which are essential to strengthen and protect skin cells. Your face will be intensely moisturized and glow with youth.